The One Where Ted Meets a Bunch of People and also They Drink a Lot of Coffee and Beer

I’m already cheating and posting something that’s not a review. This is…. (drumroll, pleeeease…)

An in-depth comparison of How I Met Your Mother and Friends!!!

Am I the only one who’s excited about this?

Okay, okay, I ain’t gonna force you to read this. Also, since this is not a review, I’m not going to bother with the no SPOILERS portion. Any Friends-HIMYM fans left? Okay, lets do this!

The Similarities Begin

There’s lots. Just gonna lead with that. This website is quite good at explaining it.

Seen what’cha need to see? Okay, I agree with all that stuff completely, right, and I have some more. Such as…

    •The chick who plays Janice appears in both. (Without the weird voice in HIMYM-score!)

   •Ross and Ted are both married/engaged (Victoria briefly saying yes counts) 3 times

   •Ross and Ted both date a lesbian

    •In my opinion, Barney has some Phoebe in him (notably the family issues)

   • All the random-ass non-interesting relationships bc we know they won’t work out are BORING! (For alternates, see: Ted and Stella/Zoey (gotta love the blondes man), Phoebe and Mike, Joey and whats-her-face (was it Kate?), the actress chick, Barney and Nora (it was suspenseful to a point okay…) Non- random-ass ones not included!

If you think of any more, please say so in comments and I will add!

From the Beginning to the End

Friends was a considerably lighter show and HIMYM was much more dramedy. (More on that later.) And their beginnings and ends reflect that. (More emphasis on end for HIMYM.) Here I will compare the premieres and the finales. (This is a very good compare-contrast piece. With a few subtle edits, I could turn this into a killer essay.)

Friends 1×01: Rachel runs away from her wedding and moves in with Monica, Monica has sex with Paul the Wine Guy, Chandler and Joey help Ross clean out his apartment, Ross develops a crush on Rachel, and Phoebe… sings.

Despite the integration of Rachel into the group, this could be any typical episode of Friends. Which is exactly what a season premiere should be. It established the roots of the show, and shoved what would be the series’s on-again off-again romance up our noses. (Sorry, I love Rachel and Ross. It just got infuriating.) All in all, pretty good.

HIMYM 1×01: Ted falls in love with Robin (the kids Aunt Robin) but scares her off, Marshall proposes to Lily, old Ted (aka Bob Saget) starts to tell his kids about how he met their mother, Barney plays laser tag, says suit up a lot, and gets insulted by Lily.

If you ignore the fact that Robin wasn’t a random conquest by Ted, then this could be any episode. One thing that the premiere did was it basically said, “Robin isn’t the mom”, which yes, eliminated the chance of a will they won’t they relationship (not really because old RoRo and Teddy Westside stayed infatuated with each other for the entire show), but it also turned off the possibility that they would ever get together, making it so not many people actually wanted them together. (I didn’t because of that.) (Also more on that later.) It established Lily and Marshall as the couple. As I said in my review of HIMYM, I was seriously questioning whether I should keep watching the show or not before Barney and Robin was thrown out there, because I didn’t care about a couple that I knew wouldn’t work out and I didn’t really care about a happily married couple. Disclaimer: I love Marshall and Lily. More on this later.

Friends 10x? (The Last One) (I think this is the actual title): Monica and Chandler adopt twins and move out to the suburbs, Ross and Rachel hook back up, Joey and Chandler lose the new chick and the duck, Phoebe drives Ross around, tries to write a musical, and decides to have kids with Mike.

I love the finale. Twins were adorable, Ross and Rachel made out (yay! Where the heck was Emma?), Joey and Chandler did their thang. It fulfilled everything the finale put out, and then some. Also the only thing I would cry about in the finale is that goodbye scene, even though it wasn’t the end. Not really. They went to get coffee one last time. *sniff sniff*

HIMYM 9x? Last Forever (I thiiink?): Too much shit happens to summarize. Tracy dies. Robin and Barney split. Robin and Ted look at each other, smiling. *sobs forever*

I have expressed my feelings about the finale. All I’m going to say here is that I feel like the ending of the finale contradicted the ending of the premiere.

See what I mean?

My friends, I have a lot of things I could say about the finale of HIMYM. But since no one wants that, I’ll just say that the beginning and end of Friends felt true to the middle, the meat of the show. And the beginning/end of HIMYM did not. So there. (For more on this, consult this fabulous article: ).

Comedy vs. Dramedy

 In my opinion, Friends is funnier than HIMYM. But that’s okay because HIMYM has a lot of emotion that Friends doesn’t have a lot of. (It could be argued that that HIMYM is overly emotional, or that Friends has plenty of emotion… All your opinions…) Not that HIMYM isn’t funny… it has a lot of quirkiness that makes it funny, while Friends has a lot of ridiculous situations that make it hilarious. When it comes to comedy, they each have their own definitive style. And that is awesome. Comedy is only about 40% of the reason I watch. (Other reasons: dramatic romantic storylines. That’s it.)

Mondler vs. Marshmallow and Lilypad

 Both the couples with the least amount problems, Marshall/Chandler and Lily/Monica give us a sense of security. In HIMYM, its in 1, and part of 2, and 3-9, in Friends, its in 6-10. (Pretty much, I mean, there was some drama, but very little compared to Barney-Robin-Ted or Rachel-Ross-Joey.) But, if you’re anything like me, you majorly shipped Mondler, and only partially shipped Marshmallow and Lilypad. Not because Monica and Chandler were better than Lily and Marshall, but because the only struggle in Lily and Marshall’s relationship was that brief breakup. Monica and Chandler were shown as seperate units, then brought together, which made them adorable and fun to watch them develop. A lot of the fun early development of Marshall and Lily happened pre-show. Which is why, while we enjoy Lily and Marshall and love the stability they bring, we can’t root for it for most of the show because there is nothing to root for.

How Rachel-Ross-Joey is different from Ted-Robin-Barney

 How can these love triangles be the same, you might ask. And yet, how can they not? Barney and Robin are Rachel and Joey if they had gotten ppast the whole friends thing. Yet, they are different in one particular way: nobody in the audience thought Robin and Ted would end up together. Therefore, they could-and some did-ship Barney and Robin, because not only are they awesome, but there was a greater possibility that they would. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t ever really ship Joey and Rachel (maybe because I already knew what was going to happen) but the possibility of Ross and Rachel was not only wide open, but it was poked at a lot like an angry hornet’s nest. (All those “we were on a break!” s were the hornets.) The thing about saying that Robin was not the Mother, it shifted the entire show and made people despise the idea of Ted being hung up on Robin, because they were waiting for the Mother to show up. And that, my friends, is wnh you don’t tell endings before you have the rest of the story figured out. Okay… That’s a weird statement, and probably only applies to this situation.

How Does Phoebe Fit In?

Did you see that alternate ending of Friends online? If you did, you’re probably cursing my name for making a reference. Well, get ready to do some more cursing, because I’m going to insert it here.

Maybe the HIMYM writers thought of this and had a sick sense of humor.

Nah, I’m kidding, odds are the HIMYM wasn’t thinking about Friends when they wrote HIMYM. And also, like I said, there’s some Barney in Phoebe. Both blonde, both quirky, and both with mystery fathers. So Phoebe isn’t completely out of the equation. Then again, Phoebe isn’t exactly a character who fits into a mold. She’s her own unique mold.

Funny, romantic, and with great theme songs, these shows are a must see. And both will be a great substitute when sad after finishing the other. I mean, I’ve just written a whole article on it.


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